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Natura Soy

Tumbler Candle (8 Scents)


This product is made by Natura Soy in Alberta, Canada. Use this jar after candle is burnt out as a tumbler for drinks!

All of the scents are very natural smelling and not overpowering at all. Natural ingredients are the reason for this. 

  • Clean burning 
  • 65 hour burn time
  • Natural ingredients and vegan 

Raspberry Grapefruit - "Sunny orange and pink grapefruit layered over violet and luscious, ripe raspberry, anchored by vanilla sugar and aromatic cedarwood."

Coconut Lime - "A divine mix of fresh lemongrass, key lime and blended with pure coconut wax together with top notes of lily."

Vanilla Fig - "The perfect combination of classic vanilla, orchid petals & earthy fig."

Sage Berry - "Fresh herbaceous notes of Sage and Rosemary entwine sunny citrus fruits and create a beautiful fragrance to unwind and relax to."

Eucalyptus Mist - "A refreshing cool blend of pure Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Peppermint and Cypress oils."

London Fog - "Like a cozy cup of this popular drink. Smooth Earl Grey notes from oils of Bergamot blend together with sweet Vanilla."

North Woods - "Revitalizing balsam fir earthy, woodsy pine, and energizing spearmint come together to uplift your spirit."

Lavender & Wild Honey - "Sweet Lavender blends with crisp bergamot, middle notes of palmarosa, and dry sage with a woody, tonka bean and sweet vanilla base note."

Sandalwood Acacia - "A composition of sultry sandalwood, oud and acacia, ever so softened by warmed vanilla and tonka."

Tumbler Candle (8 Scents)