Our Story

Tall Birches is owned by Autumn-Leeh Saunders. Having a strong bond with the Tall Birches farm, she found a way to bring the beauty of this place to life. A second home where you can enjoy the vibe and take a piece of Tall Birches with you.

Hello all!

My name is Autumn-Leeh and I am the creator and owner of Tall Birches.

From a very young age, I would go to the Tall Birches farm to visit my grandparents, Ruth and Jack Foote, with my family (mom, dad and sister). At that time it was considered a ranch hobby farm, with just a few horses left.

This place is very special to me and has kept me feeling positive throughout the years. It brought out my love for nature at a very young age and the concept of peaceful living.

When my parents took over the farm, I was relieved that Tall Birches would continue to be in the family for yet another generation.

Our artisanal products are hand crafted by Neville Saunders. From a very young age, Neville has had experience creating unique and one of a kind pieces. He is now a woods craftsman, turning hobby into passion.

All of the wood used comes from the Tall Birches forest as well as a Mennonite Wood Mill. Each piece that is created is unique to itself and one of a kind!

I hope you all can feel a bit of joy when visiting Tall Birches.
A place where you can take a stylish piece of the country home.
— Autumn-Leeh